Anna - Russian new face model now in LA

Hello. I’m Anna from Russia. Modeling became my passion since I  won a beauty contest at my university in Moscow where the main prize was to study at great modeling school Modus Vivendis in Moscow. I then moved to US and accidently popped into Aston Models 😂 for fun.

I mostly love singing and eating, both from a very young age. My biggest goal right now is to find my independence in United States as it used to be in Russia, since I’m starting my life from scratch here it might take a while. One of my hobbies besides singing are Tarot cards. So whenever I meet someone I can open my cards and read if it’s a good idea to communicate 😂 very helpful in LA. 

My favourite thing about Aston is it feels like home to be there and they always smile and make jokes.❤️.  
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Gorgeous Fashion Model - Daija

Although Daija has been with Aston for close to a year we would love to do a formal introduction and hear from Diaja in her own words.

Hi, my name is Daija (day-juh)! I am from a rural Pittsburgh, PA small town. At a young age I was heavily invested in playing as many sports as possible. When I turned 14 my whole life shifted full force into makeup, hair, and fashion! While I still enjoy being active my heart lies with modeling. I drove across the country to test my limits. I can’t wait to express my love for modeling in my true skin through my work! I do it for the little girls with kinky curly hair that don’t feel confident wearing their crown and curves. More than anything I am so blessed to have the opportunity therefore I will continue to work hard to perfect my craft. With love, Daija 

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Tall Stunner - New Model Kaia

Aston Models would like to introduce our new 5' 10.5" tall blonde beauty Kaia Bucy

Hi! I'm originally from Germany and raised in Oregon.  Living in Oregon gave me my love of nature and all things outdoors. I love any outdoor activities like hiking, cliff jumping, paddle boarding, and so much more.  I've been modeling for a few years now which has let me explore my other love, travelling.  Modeling has really helped me get out of my shell and become much more confident.  Other than modeling I love dancing, staying active and all things creative.  I am so excited to sign with Aston Models and see what the future holds.

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