Hot Latina Model in LA - Dominique


Aston Models would like to introduce this hot latin beauty Dominique

Hi my name is Dominique, but everyone calls me Dom. I am based in LA with my little dog Sophie, who’s the light of my life. I’m a huge travel bug and I love sightseeing. I’m extremely spontaneous and if I can make it happen I’ll 99% do it. I’m the type of person that lives life to the fullest. A couple of my hobbies that I’ve picked up is producing. I love music so much and although I do it for fun I dedicate a lot of time to it. I also love painting. I collect art pieces as well as create my own artwork and display it all over my house. My house is one big art gallery. I also work part time as a dog keeper, because I love dogs so much I want to help in some way. I’m very easy going and I love to meet and talk to people. You’ll always catch me talking to someone. I’m super smiley and happy all the time, unless I’m hungry. I just love learning and doing new things.

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