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Introducing - Lifestyle & Fashion Model Selah


Hi, my name is Selah Weigant! I’m born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. I grew up with 4 amazing siblings and 2 wonderful parents who blessed me with some amazing memories and experiences. Growing up I spent a lot of my time outside enjoying the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers as well as the horses, cows and other animals we had on our farm.

In my free time my favorite things to do include hiking, going to the beach and crafting with my little sister. My biggest passion is fashion! Making my own clothes, shopping and styling for myself as well as friends and family is what I LOVE to do. I taught myself how to sew and made my first big girl purchase of a sewing machine. My favorite clothing to make is swimsuits and during the pandemic I made over 100 masks for hospital nurses in NYC. 

I signed with Aston in 2021 and have enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite part about my job is meeting new people, getting out of my comfort zone, and getting to be creative with other similarly minded people!

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Michael French - International Male Model


Growing up I was always in front of a group entertaining family and friends and as the 7th of 8 children in my family, I never lacked an audience for my performances. Throughout school I played a variety of sports, but took a particular interest in basketball and you can still find me on the court shooting hoops. I also recently took an interest in boxing and started taking lessons.

Taking in all my life experiences growing up, I channeled that energy into launching a YouTube channel that's both informative and funny. I parlayed my outgoing personality into the modeling industry and have been signed with Aston Models for over 10 now! They are like family and have pushed me get to where I am today. I just recently was placed by Aston with Sophie Models in Milan, Italy where I spent two months at the beginning of 2022. I booked some of the most amazing brands including Ralph Lauren (purple label), Tom Ford, Moncler and Herno & Pyrex. Working in Milan has given me experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. 

When I am not modeling you can find me working on my new fashion apparel line Pro + Christ Apparel where I meshed my love of modeling and my deep rooted faith. I am now back on Los Angeles and am ready to hit the ground running!

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