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Lindsay- Runway, Swimsuit and Fashion Model


Hi, my name is Lindsay Elise Demyan and I'm from Arizona. I grew up outdoors on the lake wakeboarding, cliff diving, paddle boarding and mountain biking.

I am very adventurous and love combining these activities with my modeling career. I am very uninhibited and a true daredevil who's willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot. While modeling I like to get into the feel of my surroundings so I can get the best picture.

Also I'm huge into fashion, so much so it takes up most of my waking hours as I’m always thinking of new shoot ideas and playing around with ways to be creative while trying out new poses. I adore modeling and I always give 100% at every shoot. Lastly, I love meeting new people while exploring new places and I'm extremely grateful for every opportunity I get. Thanks for your consideration.

Email us or Call 310-424-5981 now to get brand new digitals in larger format or to see Lindsay in person!

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Anna - Russian new face model now in LA


Hello. I’m Anna from Russia. Modeling became my passion since I  won a beauty contest at my university in Moscow where the main prize was to study at great modeling school Modus Vivendis in Moscow. I then moved to US and accidently popped into Aston Models 😂 for fun.

I mostly love singing and eating, both from a very young age. My biggest goal right now is to find my independence in United States as it used to be in Russia, since I’m starting my life from scratch here it might take a while. One of my hobbies besides singing are Tarot cards. So whenever I meet someone I can open my cards and read if it’s a good idea to communicate 😂 very helpful in LA. 

My favourite thing about Aston is it feels like home to be there and they always smile and make jokes.❤️.  
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Gorgeous Fashion Model - Daija


Although Daija has been with Aston for close to a year we would love to do a formal introduction and hear from Diaja in her own words.

Hi, my name is Daija (day-juh)! I am from a rural Pittsburgh, PA small town. At a young age I was heavily invested in playing as many sports as possible. When I turned 14 my whole life shifted full force into makeup, hair, and fashion! While I still enjoy being active my heart lies with modeling. I drove across the country to test my limits. I can’t wait to express my love for modeling in my true skin through my work! I do it for the little girls with kinky curly hair that don’t feel confident wearing their crown and curves. More than anything I am so blessed to have the opportunity therefore I will continue to work hard to perfect my craft. With love, Daija 

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Tall Stunner - New Model Kaia


Aston Models would like to introduce our new 5' 10.5" tall blonde beauty Kaia Bucy

Hi! I'm originally from Germany and raised in Oregon.  Living in Oregon gave me my love of nature and all things outdoors. I love any outdoor activities like hiking, cliff jumping, paddle boarding, and so much more.  I've been modeling for a few years now which has let me explore my other love, travelling.  Modeling has really helped me get out of my shell and become much more confident.  Other than modeling I love dancing, staying active and all things creative.  I am so excited to sign with Aston Models and see what the future holds.

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Los Angeles Model Charlotte


Aston Models would like to introduce this stunning blue-eyed blonde model Charlotte Mayer to our modeling agency. 

Hey I’m Charlotte! I grew up in La Jolla spending most of my days at the beach surfing, paddle boarding and hiking. Im a registered yoga instructor and practice daily. I’ve spent the last four years traveling abroad for modeling and have fallen in love with exploring the world! I would say I’m a huge Disney nerd as well, as I’ve been to all six parks around the world!

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New Face Model - Mattie Maderos

mattie-firstpage_0004_Layer 7.jpg

Aston Models would like to introduce our green eyed, dark haired beauty and new face model Mattie Maderos

Hello! My name is Mattie Maderos. I’m from a small town in NorCal called Chico; but have been living in Los Angeles for about three years. Since then, I’ve been working as a full time model for numerous brands. Modeling has helped get me out of my shell and find myself. It has been an incredible journey that has led to many opportunities. I’m immensely grateful to have a team like Aston Models behind me throughout my career.

Outside of the fashion industry, I’ve been pursuing acting as well as my degree in Communications at Cal State Northridge. I love to keep myself busy with new projects and creative activities. Some of these include theatre, dance, writing, and painting. As a 22 year old with her foot in every door possible, I’m blessed to be exactly where I am (without a clue where I’m going).

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Blonde Beauty - Model Caitlin Spears


Aston Models would like to introduce this stunning blonde beauty Caitlin Spears

Hi, my name is Caitlin Spears!  I am originally from small town Oklahoma, and currently living in Los Angeles!I just recently returned from a modeling contract in Istanbul, Turkey, which was amazing!  I have just begun my career, and so far I have worked with brands like Betsey Johnson, ColourPop Cosmetics, Black Optical, and Shilla the Label. 
I love traveling and cooking!  Modeling for me has become a way to express myself, I can become someone different for each shoot. I love a new challenge each time, it really allows you to push yourself in new directions each time! I am so excited to be with Aston Models, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me!

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Black Tape Project - P.S. Fashion Week 2019


Exciting runway show at the first ever Palm Springs Fashion Week 2019.  All of our models looked amazing at all of the shows over the 3 day desert event. Here are a few photos of the very sexy Black Tape Project show featuring our perfect body model Anna wearing nothing other than black electrical tape. Check back as we add more images from the event.  Click to see more photos!

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Hot Latina Model in LA - Dominique


Aston Models would like to introduce this hot latin beauty Dominique
Hi my name is Dominique, but everyone calls me Dom. I am based in LA with my little dog Sophie, who’s the light of my life. I’m a huge travel bug and I love sightseeing. I’m extremely spontaneous and if I can make it happen I’ll 99% do it. I’m the type of person that lives life to the fullest. A couple of my hobbies that I’ve picked up is producing. I love music so much and although I do it for fun I dedicate a lot of time to it. I also love painting. I collect art pieces as well as create my own artwork and display it all over my house. My house is one big art gallery. I also work part time as a dog keeper, because I love dogs so much I want to help in some way. I’m very easy going and I love to meet and talk to people. You’ll always catch me talking to someone. I’m super smiley and happy all the time, unless I’m hungry. I just love learning and doing new things.
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LA Based Model - Shaina Lavine


Please check out our newest Platinum Blonde Model

Hi, my name is Shaina Lavine and I am from Orange County but now live and model in Los Angeles. I am someone who deeply loves to create and keep myself busy by designing everything and anything I can get my hands on.  From organic candles to taking old shoes and making jewelry, I love to take something old and make it new again. I am very passionate about the re-use of material in order to strengthen the longevity of our planets resources. I am super inspired by nature and love spending my time in it with my friends and family. When I’m not outdoors, I am probably playing Sims or watching a documentary on something science related.

Wellness is my life and wish it for not only our planet, but the mental wellness within us all. 
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